Bat Surveys - Prices

Fees for Bat Survey Work

We offer confidential advice to a variety of clients; including home-owners, developers, land agents, architects, architectural technologists, building design consultants, environmental consultants and planning authorities.

Having worked on both large and small scale projects throughout the Scottish Highlands and Islands, we understand the pressures inherent in the commercial environment, and are aware of the importance of providing an efficient and affordable service for bat survey work with transparent pricing and no hidden extras, and are able to provide solutions to ensure compliance with all relevant Scottish and European legislation. 

Stage 1 - Preliminary Roost Assessment

From £450.00 

Fee includes:

  • Desk study
  • Daylight site survey visit (undertaken by licensed surveyors)
  • Report of findings and recommendations (which will accord with latest bat guidance) 

Stage 2 - Bat Presence/Absence Survey

From £665.00 per dusk or pre-dawn survey

Fee includes: 

  • Sufficient trained observers with bat detection equipment, stationed at observation points around the application site
  • Sound recording
  • Post-survey sonogram analysis
  • Interim and final reports of findings

Species Protection Plan

From £450.00 per plan

Fee includes:

  • Site meeting with key project personnel
  • Production of Bat Mitigation Plan and Working Method Statement for Works Affecting Bat roosts
  • Assistance with preparation of Scottish Natural Heritage licence application form
  • Related consultation with SNH and key project planning personnel, etc. (as required)

Protection for Bats During Works 
Watching Brief 

From £350.00 per day, plus travel at £0.50 per mile

Fee includes:

  • Site visit by licensed bat worker - Watching Brief to oversee Works Affecting Bats and to sign-off compensatory bat provision (as per EPS licence conditions)
  • Liaison with key project personnel, contractors, etc.
  • Toolbox talk
  • Related consultation with SNH (as required)
  • Production of site diary - to be submitted with licence-holder return

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